Invitation to Pet Owners and Farmers “Project Kapon & Veterinary Medical Mission” July 22, 2022 starts @ 8amIn collaboration with Local Government Unit Of Kalibo, Seoul National University (SNU)- College of Veterinary Medicine, Seoul, South Korea and ASU –School of Veterinary Medicine and the University Extension and Community Services Unit and the Office of the Provincial Veterinarian -Aklan. Free Services : Pet Wellness of Dogs & Cats, Large Animals: Deworming, Consultation, Diagnosis, Treatment, rabies vaccination ,vitamin supplementation and other veterinary service. Surgery Spay and Neuter (Pag bu oe it obaryo o matris ag Kapon sa eaki nga ayam)a. To avail dog castration/kapon/Spay, Do not feed/give drink to pets on July 21, 2022 starting @ 12midnight (the day before the surgery).b. Pets must be vaccinated with rabies vaccine to avail surgery.Venue 1 – Small Animal (Dogs and Cats) Magsaysay Park, KaliboThe event will include a short symposium on the benefits of spayed or neutered petsSteps:1. Pre Registration starts on July 11- July 22, 2022, 1st come first serve basis. 2. Fill up registration form & Order of Payment Pay registration fee Php 50/ head and Php 70/head for registration certificate age 3 months above. Issuance of registration certificate/ card & Queuing No.3. Proceed to assessment, avail vet. Service. Reminders: Pets must be leashed (higtan) and or must be cage (kulungan sa kuring) to avoid any biting incident or untoward incident  Pets should be registered under the Municipal Agricultural Division to avail free services. Pets should be apparently healthy if for surgery. Pet for surgery must be assessed and evaluated if fit for surgery. Cats should be placed in carrier/portable cages.  Pet owners must be responsible to clean up their pets waste.Venue 2 – Large Animals (cattle, carabao, pigs)small ruminant (goat)- Brgy. Mobo, Kalibo, AklanSteps:1. Pre-registration on a first come, first served basis.2. Fill up registration form & Inspection of cowlicks, barangay certification of ownership of animals and Municipal Certification of Ownership must be presented. If non registered, Issuance of Certificate of ownership/ registration fee is Php 100/ large animal. A barangay certification of ownership of large animal is a requirement.For more information and to get Registration Forms, please visit the Office of the Agricultural Services Division, Groundfloor Kalibo Municipal Building, Kalibo, Aklan or call 268 4953.