NEWLY-ELECTED OFFICIALS IN KALIBO TAKE OATH KALIBO, AKLAN – Elected officials in the Municipality of Kalibo, led by Mayor Juris Bautista Sucro, took their oath on Tuesday, June 28, 2022, at the Kalibo Pastrana Park. Other top officials who took their respective oaths along with Mayor Sucro included Vice Mayor Dr. Cynthia C. Dela Cruz and Sangguniang Bayan Members: Hon. Phillip Y. Kimpo Jr., Atty, Christine C. Dela Cruz, Hon. William T. Lachica Jr., Hon. Matt Aaron P. Guzman, Hon. Ketchie F. Luces, Hon. Raymar A. Rebaldo, Hon. Augusto C. Tolentino, and Hon. Ronald L. Marte.The elected officials were sworn in by the Presiding Judge of the Municipal Trial Court of Kalibo, Hon. Alicia A. Cruz-Barrios in a formal inauguration ceremony, which was also attended by the different public officials in Aklan. In his inaugural speech, Mayor Sucro reiterated his promise of a “Bagong Kalibo” that will put importance on areas of concern, specifically health, education, livelihood, poverty reduction, and sports development (H.E.L.P.S). This has been Mayor Sucro’s battle cry and guiding principle since the beginning of the election campaign. “The mayor should be on top of everything, he should assess the situation, and ensure that his constituents can sleep soundly at night. I will serve not only my friends, family, relatives, or party mates. I will serve all Kalibonhons,” Mayor Sucro said. Mayor Sucro is also looking forward to working with Vice Mayor-elect Dr. Cynthia Dela Cruz to strengthen the municipality’s health and vaccination programs and make them more accessible to the people.Meanwhile, Vice Mayor Cynthia C. Dela Cruz also called for everyone to move forward to help make Kalibo a better town. She reminded her fellow elected officials that what lies ahead is a bigger responsibility for them to serve the Kalibonhons. “I will be a strong support to our Mayor Juris Bautista Sucro and to the executive department as they implement the many policies and programs. I am willing to take other works and responsibilities as may be assigned to me by our mayor,” Vice Mayor Dela Cruz added. Both Mayor Sucro and Vice Mayor Dela Cruz thanked the people of Kalibo for putting their trust in them and asked for their continued support in making Kalibo a safer, peaceful, and more progressive place. The elected officials formally assumed office on June 30, 2022 at 12:00 noon.